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“What is a Good Direct Mail Response Rate?”
What is a good direct mail response rate these days? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among first-time direct mailers. Understanding direct mail response rates and statistics can help you manage your expectations.
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“Direct Mail Marketing and Wine Labels - What's Your Big Idea?”
Why do so many companies today waste time and money marketing average products and services to hard-to-impress consumers? Why don't more companies follow the Rodney Strong model (remarkable product or service first; marketing second)?
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“Mortgage Marketing With Direct Mail: Two Powerful Techniques”
In recent years, an increasing number of mortgage professionals have been incorporating direct mail into their mortgage marketing programs. This article will focus on two highly effective ways you can use direct mail to support your mortgage marketing program -- the seminar and the free report.
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“Using Direct Mail to Drive Web Traffic - 5 Simple Strategies”
Direct mail marketing is often part of a bigger picture and longer sales cycle. In such cases, your direct mail postcard or letter serves a "learn more" function. This is where direct mail and websites become perfect marketing partners.
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“Direct Mail PR: Introducing the Postcard Release”
Ever thought of sending a press release in postcard format? Sure, it's unconventional. But it can also be effective, provided you follow a few "rules."
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“Direct Mail Marketing and the Golden Glimpse: How to Get Your Offer Noticed”
Direct mail gets a guaranteed touch by recipients. That's something email, radio and TV advertising cannot do. But that first touch represents your first in a series of hurdles. It is the golden glimpse when your recipients give you a moment of their time.
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“Postcard Printing Services - How to Choose”
Direct mail postcards can help you promote your business easily, effectively and affordably. But to capitalize on these benefits, you need a reliable and efficient program in place. That’s where postcard printing services come into the picture.
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“Real Estate Postcard Marketing -
6 Secret Ingredients for Success”
A small percentage of real estate agents have discovered the "secret ingredients" of postcard marketing. As a result, they enjoy huge success each time they conduct a mailing. Let's uncover some secrets, shall we?
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“Postcard Marketing Checklist:
5 Things to Consider Before You Mail”
Your postcard marketing program can benefit from a good checklist. The 5-point checklist that follows will get you on the road to postcard marketing success.
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“Postcard Marketing Wisdom:
Repeat Your Success-Not Your Failures”
I read a lot of postcard marketing articles written by postcard vendors, and it seems they all say the same thing: "Send lots and lots of postcards, and don't question the fact that people aren't responding." This article will be different.
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“Direct Mail Postcards:
7 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Headline”
Numbered headlines are a proven way to increase the performance of your direct mail postcards. But how do you use them the right way? Read on to find out.
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“Direct Mail Marketing: What's Your Audience Statement?”
In marketing in general - and with direct mail in particular - your audience awareness should be ever-present. So what's an audience statement, and what does it have to do with direct mail marketing?
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“Direct Mail Marketing With Postcards:
Got Stopping Power?”
To maximize the return on your direct mail marketing investment, you have to increase the stopping power of your postcards...
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“Boost Response Rates with a Stronger Message”
Postcards can enhance any marketing program. So don't let a fear of writing stop you from using them.
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“Use Direct Mail to Capture Leads Online”
Direct mail marketing and Internet marketing can both be effective on their own. But combine them, and you've got a marketing marriage that can really deliver results...
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“Direct Mail Marketing With Postcards: The Headline Factor”
If you're spending money on a direct mail / postcard marketing campaign, but you're not spending time developing headlines, you're wasting time and money. Read on to find out why.
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“Postcard Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents”
This article will show you how to use postcards to outperform the competition and increase your ROI. Now that I've made a huge promise to you, let me deliver the goods...
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“Six Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Postcards”
As an agent or broker, you probably already know the benefits of using postcards to market yourself. What you may not know is that you can often improve your postcard marketing results just by making minor adjustments to your approach...
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“75 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Postcards”
Real estate agents have used postcard marketing for decades. The reasons why are somewhat obvious. A real estate postcard campaign can be affordable, manageable and effective — all at the same time!
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